Mousepads & Desk Organizers
Personalize a mousepad with your favorite photo!
Use your photo full size or use one of our design templates.

NEW!!  Collage Mousepads are now available! Use multiple photos to create a personalized mousepad.

Made of high density foam with an easy to clean, stain resistant finish.
Approximately 7.75”x9”.
Wonderful gift idea for teachers, professionals, students.


Desk Organizers
Distinguished hardwood with lacquered mahogany finish makes this desk organizer a classic office accessory.

Features 3 compartments for pens, pencils, scissors, letter openers......

Approximately 5" x 5" x 1.75".

This makes an excellent gift
for students and professionals.

Brighten up someone's work day with a personalized desk organizer!

idea:  use coordinating photos for mouse pad and desk organizer for a polished office look
add your own touch to special gifts
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Photo Desk Organizer- Sailing
Use your photo full size or use one of our design templates to make your desk organizer.
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About Our Desk Organizers
Hardwood Desk Organizer is finished mahogany with felt lined compartments.A durable 4-¼ inch square ceramic tile containing your photo is inlaid into the front surface of the desk organizer. Photos are not just printed on the tile surface, but are embedded into the tile using a process that causes the inks to penetrate, resisting scratches and preventing the image from flaking or chipping.

Personalize a Mouse Pad with Fantasy Photo Art
Kid's Art Mousepad
About Our Mouse Pads
Each Mouse Pad has a fabric top surface to provide a consistent texture for mousing around. Your photo is transferred to this surface using heat and pressure to ensure that the photo inks penetrate the fabric and won’t chip or peel later.

Fantasy Art- Starring YOU!
you can personalize a mousepad with your artwork, too!!
Put a favorite photo on a mousepad- pink tulip
Create a Personalized Photo Mousepad
Create a Personalized Wood Desk Organizer
See MORE DESIGN TEMPLATES that let you add your photos and text to artistic design backgrounds.
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Coordinating Mousepad & Desk Organizer
Makes a Smart & Personal Gift
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