Put Santa Hats on your "Little Santas"
See all our Photo Add-Ons for your pet photos
Put Santa Hats on your Pets
Add Romantic Hearts to a Favorite Photo of the Two of You
Add Conversation Bubbles to Your Photos
Personalized Playing Cards with your Pet Photo
add your own touch to special gifts
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Add Photo Clip Art to your Folded Card
Photo Add-On's
Add Cool Stuff to your Favorite Images!

-Customize your photos with Photo Add-On's.

-Add Classic or Fancy Borders around your image or around individual photos in your collage

-Add Themed Shapes and Artistic Designs - all shapes and designs can be used in any color you choose.

-Add Conversation Bubbles or Thought Bubbles or plain text to your photo.  Font, size & color are all up to you.

Simple & Fun to Do.
1-Select your photo & upload it
2-Select the stuff  you want to add to your photo.
3-Size & adjust to customize.
Add as many or as few  as you like!

Note: Also works well for multiple photos if you are want to make a photo collage!

- Photo Add-On's are available on all our Collage Design Tools for Collage Mugs, Collage Puzzles, Collage Prints & Posters.

- You may customize a photo (or multiple photos)  for your Personalized Photo Greeting Cards, Announcements or Invitations here & then place your customized photo onto the Card Design of your choice.

- You may also customize your photos with Photo Add-On's right here.
Then put your photo onto personalized photo gifts & accessories:

Turn this                                                 
Put Elf Hat on Your Pet
Put a Santa Hat on Your Pet!
into this!       
or this!
Have the perfect vacation photo for your Christmas Card but want to liven it up with some Holiday Cheer?   
Add a bit of Holiday Fun with Santa Hats!
Or be a little bit mischevious with Elf Hats or Elf Ears

Your pet looks precious wearing his Santa Hat.
Now avoid the hassle of getting him to actually wear and pose for a photo with his Christmas hat on!
It is FUN! It is CREATIVE!
Add Photo Clip Art to your Photo or Photo Collage
Add Photo Clip Art to your Photo Greeting Card
Digital (jpg) file of your photo or photo collage
with custom text & stuff.
Will be sent to you electronically (via email).

Make a special custom puzzle for a loved one
Add a Santa Hat to your Pet's Photo to put on a Ceramic Ornament
A key tag with a photo of your pet is sure to be a favorite

Select Photo Card or Folded Card Button below.
Add Stuff to your Photo (or photos, if making a multi-image card).
Once Your Photo has all it's Stuff, click "Done" and go to the Card Design Page to choose Card Design and add Personalized Text

key tags
playing cards
& MORE.....coasters, bag tags, greeting cards,
mouse pads, mahogany keepsake boxes
or any of the photo gifts and accessories at
Photo Add On's add Fun to your Greeting Cards!
Add Santa Hats and Custom Text for a Perfect Personalized Christmas Card!
Have fun with your photo- add a conversation bubble
Have some fun with your photos!
Make your photos come alive with conversation bubbles.
Add a red bow to a photo of your little one
luggage tag
Make a Custom Photo Christmas Mug
or thought bubbles
techie stuff
Jpegs are high resolution
landscape 3600 x 2700 (9.7 megapixels)
portrait  2700 x 3600 (9.7 megapixels)
square 3600 x 3600 (12.9 megapixels)

You have full creative control. 
You can even merge multiple photos together to make a new  photo collage.

High Resolution jpg download is suitable for any photographic purpose. 
It allows you the freedom to use  your new photo creation in any photo gift Images-n-Stuff makes. Or, use your photo in a photo art project, personalized cards, or as a framed photograph.
Great to Share with friends and family
Add Santa Hats to Your Photo Christmas Cards!
Add Conversation or Thought Bubbles - Let Your Pet do the Talking!
Add Hearts to Your Custom Collage Puzzle
See all our Photo Add-On's to Spice up your Collage Puzzles!
Add Hearts to a Romantic Custom Collage Puzzle
Customer Examples of Collage Puzzles with Stuff
Customer Examples of Stuff Products

 Add Santa Hats to Your Photos & get a High Resolution Digital File
Add a Festive Ornament to Brighten up a Holiday Collage Puzzle- See all Our Photo Add- On's!
Hearts Add a Touch of Romance to a Special Anniversary Collage Puzzle
We welcome your comments!
Let us know what you like or would like to see or ideas for additions or changes...
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For a Special Romantic Treat
Add Hearts, Kisses, Flowers & More Romantic Themed Designs to your 
Collage Mug or Collage Puzzle!

Make a personalized romantic card to send your sweetheart!

Note: Your digital file will be sent as quickly as possible. High  volume may create an occasional delay of up to 6 hours. Thanks!
Add an Elf Hat to your Pet Photo
Santa Hats on a favorite photo make unexpected & FUN Holiday Cards
Add Elf Ears & Fun Hats to your Favorite Photos
Add a Santa Hat to your Family Portrait
Spice up vacation photos with "stuff" - Put a Santa Hat & Elf Hat on Mt. Rushmore
Creative way to Announce New Baby at Christmas! Add a Santa Hat to your Ultrasound
Add a Tiara, Bunny Ears, Sunglasses & Heart Balloons to Your Photo
Check out all our Cool Add-On's - hats, sunglasses, bowties, hearts, flowers, tiara, devil horns, bunny ears, conversation bubbles and MORE! 
Classic & Fancy Borders add drama and interest to your photo creation.
All borders and all themed shapes are color adjustable for ADDED CUSTOMIZATION!  All "Stuff" is size and position adjustable for complete customization.
Add Fun Stuff to your Photos - put a top hat on a monkey for a cool addition to your group photo
You can even add stuff to stuff - put a top hat on your extra "guest" *
Add Borders to Your Collage Puzzle
You can add classic or fancy borders to individual photos within your collage or
use a border to frame your entire collage.
Add Borders to Your Collage Puzzle
Add a Tiara & Top Hat & Flower Bouquet to your Personalized Thank You Cards!
Personalize your Wedding Gift Thank You Cards with our STUFF
Add Stuff to your Photo Cards and Collage Gifts - FREE!!
* both monkey & top hat are photo add-on's.

Creative way to Announce New Baby at Christmas! Add a Santa Hat to your Ultrasound
Add Cool Stuff to your Collage Photo Gifts and Photos
get up close with a giraffe
Put a monkey, giraffe or puppy in your photo!
Help?  If you experience difficulties designing your Photo Card with Stuff, check the information and tips on the Help page.
Holiday Fun!
Add a Santa Hat to your Photos